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White Ridge Academy
Christmas Shopping 
7th-Feb-2008 10:26 pm
Who: Fai D. Flowright [magical_flowers], Lacus Clyne [lc_songstress] [closed/backdated]
Where: Walking about
When: [1:30PM. 12/17/07]
What: Shopping!
Rating: G (for now)

The cold air was quite refreshing, especially for Fai. It cleared his head of the earlier mess he'd created back at the dorms and had his mind filled only with thoughts of the moment. Miss Lacus didn't need to see him looking so glum during a shopping outing, after all.

"Now, what to get Kuro-kringle~~?" he hummed, throwing a nice holiday twist into his naming of his roommate, "Let's see... something that'll make him happy, but that won't have him throwing a fit either..." It was always so hard picking out a gift for the man. Things that people should have liked as gifts could make Kuro-claus throw such a tantrum!

It would be nice if the tree didn't get sliced up this year.

"What do you think, Miss Lacus?" he asked for her opinion.
8th-Feb-2008 01:12 pm (UTC)
Lacus hugged her cloak tighter around her small body. Sometimes, she forgets how cold it usually was at these times. She had spent more time touring and rehearsals than noticing the weather but she was vaguely aware of the cold. Only, she didn't remember it being so cold.

Pinching his cheek playfully, she giggled. "I hope you don't plan on giving me bad advice to frustrate Mister Kurogane." She teased him with a warning voice that wasn't completely serious. "But... I agree. I can never figure out what to give to a man like Mister Kurogane."

"I think... we have quite a challenge but it sounds like fun." That was what she thought. While she was at it, she planned on getting something for Mister Fai too.

8th-Feb-2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
"Owwwww~~~ that huuuuuuuuuurts~~~~~~" he whined playfully at being pinched, "but it's so much fun frustrating him~~~~~" he pouted.

It was odd having someone else pinch him for a change. Usually he was the one doing the pinching, and usually to Kuro-kyuu. Pinching, poking, pulling, anything to try and get a smile out of him. He'd even pull Kuro-chuwan's cheeks apart to make it look like he was smiling! Those "smiles" ended up scary though.

He rubbed at his cheek after she let go, still smiling as though nothing was wrong. "It is hard, Kuro-flake never tells anyone what he wants. Not even his family!" Those cousins of his knew Kuro-gyu a little better than Fai though, so he was still at even more of a disadvantage. Poor Miss Lacus hadn't even met Kuro-suchi yet! "And it's much more of a challenge for you than for me. You don't know much about Kuro-dolph. No wonder you asked me for help, it'd be impossible to get the right thing for someone you barely know!"
8th-Feb-2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
"I thought you'd say that." She let go of his cheek and grinned. "I know exactly how you feel. I had the honor of speaking with him for a while and you are right, he is quite fun to tease." The more Mister Kurogane had told her to stop, the more she wanted to tease him. She couldn't help but wonder if Mister Kuro realized that he had that affect on people. He probably didn't or maybe he did but chose to ignore it.

"Half the fun comes from looking though," she replied optimistically. By this time, Lacus was already used to Mister Fai's unlimited supply for unusual nicknames. "I did notice that he doesn't seem like the type to even give hints of what he'd like. I think challenges are fun. I might not know Mister Kuro very well, but that won't stop me from trying."

She sighed, a little disheartened. "He reminds me of one of those knights of old. He seems more concerned about other people than himself. I could tell in our conversation that he wasn't interested in talking about himself..." But he did seem worried about Mister Fai. She did not say it. "He's not a knight, is he?"

That was a really random question and she felt a little embarrassed after. Of course he wasn't a knight. She was really being silly.

"Do you want to take the taxi to town or do you just feel like walking?" She looked about at the sky. "It is a lovely day despite that it is a little cold."
8th-Feb-2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
"Mmmmhmmm, that's why I do!" Oh, Fai knew Kuro-yuko was too dense to ever realize just how teasable he was. That's what made it all the more fun! If he ever did figure it out, the fun would just flow out of the activity. Kuro-tano needed to keep being embarrassed and shout angrily and chase him around. That's who he was, and Fai liked that side of him. The other sides he had a much harder time with, but no one was perfect.

"But that's what you have me for!" he beamed happily, "I do know about Kuro-bells! Maybe not everything, but enough! His cousins just adore telling me things about him. It's their own special way of teasing him!" So far as telling Kuro-tio's most embarrassing childhood stories went, at least. They'd also told Fai of the darker parts of Kuro-ruru's childhood, mainly the reasons behind his transfer to Fai's high school. "I can tell you things if you want, but you're welcome to guess first if you'd like," he offered. Challenges were fun, after all!

When she mentioned knights, he turned his eyes at the sky a moment in thought, "I don't think he is... but he is skilled with a sword. Maybe that's it?" he shrugged, then looked back down at her. "And I'm fine to walk, unless you'd like to take a taxi. You're probably not as used to the cold as I am, Miss Lacus."
8th-Feb-2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
"I'd love to know more about Mister Kurogane. Though, he seemed rather ticked at the thought of you telling me his life story." She remembered Kurogane's reaction when she told him that Fai talked about their highschool days. "Hearing about the both of you in your younger days is really fun. You two had a lot of fun, I'm envious. I wish I had someone fun to tease like you did." Also, she couldn't help but think that that highschool days couldn't have always been peaches and creams. The Mister Fai she saw earlier was prrof of that.

"Skilled with a sword?" She asked in surprise. Now, she was really beginning to believe that he was some kind of knight. "That is so amazing. I've seen swords before and they look very heavy! He must have trained hard just to be able to carry one." It made her wonder how strong he was. Having never seen Mister Kuro before, she envisioned a big man like a bear... since Mister Kuro was so cute probably a teddy bear. "You know, I don't think I even know what Mister Kuro looks like. What is he like?"

She shook her head in response to his question. "No, walking is fine. I feel much more relaxed talking with you when I know that someone else is not listening. Drivers tend to make me nervous because they can hear everything you say," she admitted. "Don't fret. I can take care of myself. It is not as bad as it seems."

"Tell me more about Mister Kuro..."

9th-Feb-2008 02:46 am (UTC)
That was right, Kuro-quon would get upset if a taxi driver got to hear things about him too. Drivers could be bad with gossip as well. Fai could just imagine what would happen if tales of Kuro-piki's younger days got all over this part of the United States. Kuro-tyu would be well away from it, but he'd still be quite angry. So then, walking and talking it was! "If you get cold, just let me know," he said, then began thinking about things to tell her.

"Hmmmm, his life story would be fun to tell, but you're right, he would get really angry about some things," he giggled. It had never stopped him before now, telling things about Kuro-rata that would anger him, but recent events had made him a little more sensitive to things. He'd keep the more personal parts out of the story. "And I've not known him all that long really, just since Junior year. That's..." he paused, thinking, "... hm, maybe it has been a while. Ten years," he laughed to cover his mistake and at himself as well. He'd forgotten just how long he really had been around Kuro-mon. It made sense that the other man knew a good deal about Fai then; that much time around someone so fake would make anyone suspicious, and Kuro-york was much more perceptive than the average person.

"And you're too nice to tease him like I do," he added after a while. Fai only teased to make himself feel better, after all. It was fun doing so, but just the fun of it wasn't really why he did so. Instead of staying on that strain, he moved to her next subject: swords!

"Mmmmm! His sword's reeeeeeeeeeeally big and reeeeeeeeeeeally heavy!" he exaggerated at first, though there was a lot of truth to what he said, both about the sword, and the implied innuendo he just adored using. "It's about as big as me, and I can't lift it as all. I've tried!" He made the motions of pretending to lift something heavy and failing at it. "Ginryu, that's its name - a large Japanese sword. Oh, that's where Kuro-snow's from, Japan, or his parents were anyway. Guess that does make him kind of like an old-fashioned Samurai. That sword's a family heirloom from a long time ago."

He paused a moment when she mentioned that she didn't know what Kuro-han looked like. They'd been talking so much and she still had no clue. That should have been a crime! "He's as big as a bear!" He stretched his arms up as high as they would go, exaggerating once again, "with red eyes and messy black hair. Kinda dark skin and a face that needs to stop scowling! He really needs to smile more, it'd suit him!"
9th-Feb-2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
"Trust me, Mister Fai. I'm not that cold," she giggled. She knew that Mister Fai wouldn't trust her with most of his secrets but, at least he trust her with this. She hid her hands under her cloak, regretting that she forgot to bring her gloves. She knew that she could hold until they reached a shop. If only she had some kind of idea what shop that would be. Quite frankly, she still had no idea where to begin.

She knew he would see it her way. Though Lacus did take taxis frequently, she never discussed private matters while riding one. It was dangerous and she knew that for a fact. She had been almost been kidnapped a bunch of times for it. She learned her lesson though. Never use the name "Lacus Clyne" while alone in a taxi. Unfortunately, she wasn't a very good liar. It might prove to be possibly more difficult than it sounds.

Her eyes widened with awe. Ten years is such an awfully long time. How old was Mister Fai? He didn't look that old. She did some calculations in her head but the only thing she could conclude that he should be around in his late twenties. It was amazing how young he looked. He didn't look like a man nearing his thirties. She never really thought about it. "That long ago, Mister Fai? I can't believe that. You don't look that old at all," she told him boldly. Her curiosity got the better of her.

Grinning, "I'm too nice? Really?" She had been told that more than once. Again, she couldn't help but wonder why the people of White Ridge thought she was such a saint that could do no wrong. "Thank you for thinking so."

Lacus's imagination went on overdrive, trying to imagine Mister Kurogane the way the teacher described him but it was a little difficult. She kept imagine a big man with huge muscles carrying around a giant sword. But, it didn't seem right. As usual, Lacus hadn't understand the other meaning of Mister Fai's description. She took it rather literally.

A sword as big as her teacher? It was just to hard to imagine. Black hair? red eyes? The descriptions were far too vague and impossible. Were they talking about a person or bear? She had never seen a person that tall before."I did notice that he didn't laugh much when we talked."

At the mentioning of Japan, Lacus brightened. "He emanated from Japan. Misao is from Japan. Do you know her?"

Lacus suddenly stopped in front of a men's clothing store. It seemed like a good place to start. "I really don't know where to begin but do you want to look around here a bit?"
10th-Feb-2008 08:49 pm (UTC)
He gave her a thoughtful glance, knowing that she must be at least a little chilly, but wasn't about to press her into being completely honest. That wasn't at all fair since he wouldn't have wanted her pressing him about things either. He had no idea that she didn't much like Taxis as she'd been the one to suggest them taking one, but he was fine with walking anyway. It was such a beautiful day! To him, anyway.

"Ehhhh~~~~? How old do I look then?~~~" he mused. He wasn't one for vanity, but it was always interesting to know what others thought. Sometimes Fai could pass for teenage, and other times as old as thirty, which was a bit more accurate. He still ended up carded at some places! Others were welcome to think what they pleased though. Their beliefs always made for a good laugh.

"Anyone can tease in play, but sometimes you can get a little mean with it. I know I do at times with Kuro-star." His eyes looked over the store windows a moment to keep his mind on track and away from those "meaner" instances between the both of them. "You wouldn't get that mean, I know. You wouldn't have any reason too..." that last part had come unexpectedly, so he quickly covered it up with, "But that you have teased him means you know how fun it is!"

Fai could just imagine what kinds of images he was giving the girl about his friend, and he was happy to let her keep imagining until she actually met the big teddy bear. One never really could describe a person to another unless they actually got to see a picture. He had one, somewhere back in his dorm room, but that was a very special keepsake of the one and only time those cousins of Kuro's had managed to get him drunk! (And what a feat that had been!!). Lacus was too young to see pictures like that. Fai was probably too young, but he loved those memories just the same!

And on that note... "I think if Kuro-sleigh laughed the world might explode," he laughed loudly, "or at least wherever he was at the moment. Here, home, or Japan if he was back there." He thought on the name she mentioned but couldn't come up with anything. "Mmmmm, I don't think so. You'll have to introduce me sometime!"

He took a step passed her when she stopped, but quickly stepped right back. "We can go in whatever store you'd like!" he beamed up at the store's sign, "We'll look wherever until we find just the perfect thing for Kuro-mas!"
11th-Feb-2008 01:08 pm (UTC)
Lacus gave her response a lot of thought. "I never really thought about it but I always thought that you were only a few years older than me. Maybe somewhere in the early twenties," she admitted. She kept forgetting though that the people of White Ridge seem to defy age. A lot of people don't seem to look their age. "I wouldn't have guessed you were on your late twenties."

"You're right. I have realized how fun it is. I could see after only a few minutes speaking with him why you both are so close. Normally though, you'd seem like an awfully odd pair." She was still thinking about how Kurogane would look like. "You two are nothing like each other. I'd even say that you two are the exact opposites of one another."

She ignored Mister Fai's little slip. It was obvious that he didn't want to finish it and that he didn't want her to know about it. It did make her worry abit but she thought that it would be a better idea to wait for Mister Fai to tell her than press further.

"You don't happen to have a photograph, do you?" No matter what she did, it seemed that all she could do was imagine a big black, red eyed teddy bear. It was rather an odd picture. hat big teddy bear would be taking care of a bunny like Mokona? She couldn't imagine a bear taking care of a bunny... much less a flower shop.

After stepping into the store, she began browsing through the polo shirts and casual men's wear. She pulled out a few black and red pieces but was uncertain since she had no idea what would look good on a teddy bear. Then she remembered that she had no idea what SIZE he was. "Hmmm... maybe clothing is not a very good idea. I don't know his size."

Though, she really didn't have many ideas left. "How about a tie? Does Mister Kuro wear a tie?"
11th-Feb-2008 05:01 pm (UTC)
"Really?" It was sweet to hear her say so, but he had a bit of reason that she should hear. "If I was that young I'd still be in College! Or at least student teaching." Those things weren't all that long ago for him, but it almost felt like it. Long ago and far away like so many other things.

An odd pair, was it? And close... Fai didn't think so. But it was easy to see where she got the idea. They were practically the odd pair, like day and night, and not just on the outside. Even if Fai pretended up a storm, his truest self was still a complete contrast to Kurogane. He couldn't even compare really. At least Miss Lacus didn't know that much about him just yet. She was only comparing what she saw of him and what he'd said of Kuro-uan. Nothing personal. Nothing real.

His mind slipped again to that particular photograph as a way to distract himself with her question. He tried to keep a straight smile when answering, knowing that he would have to lie a little more. "Nope, not here. Kuro-night's pretty camera shy," he said at first, then thought of something and corrected himself, "or the Camera's Kuro shy!" Which was most likely the case. Kuro-la hated pictures, and the tantrum he threw when someone wanted one... well, it was no wonder the camera would be afraid of him.

He held the store door open for her, just as he was supposed to, then let her wander off somewhere first. This was her gift for Kuro-chio after all. If Fai had been the one shopping, he'd have gone for the brightest thing in the store (regardless of if it was even something Kuro-loli might have worn) and snatched it up without a second thought. He knew exactly what to get to drive the man up the wall. He even had a list! Pink, fluffy, cute, small... it went on and on like that. Poor Kuro-yorki got it the worst whenever Valentine's day came around.

"His size is biiiiiiiiiiiiig~~~" he giggled. Nothing he was saying was helping much, but he had honestly used that "measurement" whenever shopping for Kuro-bear. The man never actually wore anything Fai got him, so the only way Fai knew his friend's size was from having had to borrow his clothes once. They were so large on him he'd almost gotten eaten! But clothes weren't so important as what Miss Lacus was talking about! "I saw him wear one once!" his smile widened even more at the memory. And oh what a memory it was! "For graduation! His cousins forced him to get dressed up so nice! He looked so uncomfortable and was always fidgeting in his suit and pulling at the tie. So cute!" Though cute may not have been the right word for it, in Fai's mind, it had been absolutely adorable!
14th-Feb-2008 04:36 am (UTC)
Lacus laughed. Mister Fai had a really good point but quite truthfully, he did still look like a college student. As she had said, he didn't look at all much older than her. "Since you aren't really my teacher it is quite possible that you are a student teacher. I didn't think you were a full-time teacher. I'm so sorry."

Maybe Lacus shouldn't be one to talk that way. Misao and her were practically exact opposites too. Misao was one of her dearest friends and sometimes people thought it was so very odd that they got along so well. They did after all belong to two such different worlds. But then again, thinking about it wasn't it always fascinating to know about your exact opposite? Lacus never thought deeply about her friendships because she simply loved making friends. Maybe that was what Mister Fai felt about Mister Kuro? She couldn't really be certain. From experience though, Lacus thought that two opposites usually complimented one another as friends. Misao had loved making trouble and even though Lacus did a very bad job, she tries her best to keep her out of it.

"Camera shy?" Somehow that sounded so cute that she could almost laugh. As the conversation continued, Mister Fai was making the rough Mister Kuro sound more and more like a fluffy teddy bear. It was quite amusing. Unfortunately, it wasn't helping much with her choices at all. Still, it was fun to have Mister Fai around and tell him so much about this man that was his bestfriend. "Kuro-shy? What kind of camera do you have, Mister Fai to have it Kuro-shy?"

Mister Kuro had warned her that Mister Fai wasn't the best person to shop with. He probably feared that Mister Fai was going to talk her into giving him the silliest thing in the store like pink bunny slippers or a stuffed bunny. She already felt that she should stay away from the fluffy and bunny department since Mister Kuro made it clear that he wouldn't appreciate it. Pompoms was going to be a big no-no too.

"I guess ties are a bad idea too, huh?" she giggled. Looking for clothes might be a bad idea too but she wasn't ready to give up just yet. It was a bad idea to buy shirts. She wasn't certain of the size and Mister Fai wasn't helping her at all with the definite size. "How about other accessories? Have you ever seen Mister Kuro wear jewelry? Earrings? Necklaces?" She was never certain was to buy for a male but she was pretty sure that some men wore jewelry too. A chain necklace maybe?
14th-Feb-2008 09:58 am (UTC)
Fai waved a hand at her teasingly. "No, no! Don't apologize!" he scolded slightly, "You're not the only one who thinks I look younger than I am. But you know, I am older than Kuro-ice. He gets so mad about that sometimes, just because people think I'm younger than him." There was actually a bit more reason behind why Kuro-roo threw such a fit concerning that, a few reasons actually, but none that Miss Lacus needed to know. "I still get asked for my ID sometimes!"

Maybe camera shy wasn't the right word. It was more of a hatred for the kinds of pictures they wanted to take of Kuro-tiki. Still, it was cute thinking of Kuro-yuu as camera shy even if that wasn't really true. "One that doesn't like hearing him shout about," he paused, putting on the gruffest face he could manage and lowering his voice in an imitation of his friend, "'getting the blasted camera outta my face!!'" His attempt was sad since he was so different from Kuro-tina, but that didn't stop him.

He honestly had been thinking something fluffy in his mind, and his eyes had also been flicking off towards the evening wear section where there were sure to be a pair of the biggest fluffy slippers imaginable, but then Miss Lacus made a suggestion that snapped him to attention.

Oh the images flashing through his mind now! Kuro-belle wearing jewelry!! It could be like playing dress up! Fai certainly could not hide the mess of naughty thoughts (well, naughty for Kuro, wherever he was) by the expression on his face - like a cat who'd just found the perfect playtoy! "Let's get him something shiny!!" he announced without actually answering Miss Lacus's question. She would likely infer that Kuro-fufu did not wear any jewelry of any sort just by how excited her suggestion had made him.
16th-Feb-2008 02:07 pm (UTC)
She laughed at Fai's impression on his friend. Even though the statement should have sounded furious, somehow Mister Fai made it sound so cute. Though, Lacus knew that if Mister Kuro was going to read her mind at that moment, he was not going to be very happy about it. "It is really a shame that Mister Kuro doesn't like the camera," she started. "I am sort of an amateur photographer and I would have loved to take pictures of him sometime. I think it will be rather fun."

It was rather silly to say something like that. It was like she was asking someone she'd never met to model for her. She knew she wouldn't regret it though. In her mind, she knew that Mister Kuro would make a very interesting subject to take pictures of. It would be fun to outfit him with a samurai's costume carrying a big sword. A backdrop of lush forest would be perfect.

She sighed. Lacus was letting her imagination get ahead of her again.

From the look and twinkle on Mister Fai's face, Lacus felt that Mister Fai wasn't exactly thinking the same as she was. That look was the look of mischief. It told her that getting Mister Kuro jewelry was not a very good idea. "Shiny? Maybe not, Mister Fai," she chuckled as she shook her head. "Something tells me that letting you choose jewelry for Mister Fai will come out disastrous."

Even though Lacus invited Mister Fai to help her choose a gift, he was confusing the poor girl even more. It made it even more difficult to choose anything for him. As silly as he was though, Lacus was glad to have him along. She was having fun.

In the back of her mind she was wondering however, did he feel the same? Or... were demons still lurking somewhere?
17th-Feb-2008 05:14 am (UTC)
"Hmmmmm, maybe he would do it for you~" Fai suggested, giving her an interested look. Kuro-woo did have somewhat of a soft spot for polite young ladies, even if the big grump wouldn't admit it himself. That little Sakura girl that had liked Syaoran so much back in high school had been able to drag out his softer side. It had been so much fun teasing Kuro-yuki about that. "But maybe not," he also added. Sakura hadn't ever teased his friend, and he already knew Miss Lacus had indulged that pleasure.

When she commented about the jewelry and him not being able to pick anything out, he pouted profusely. "Awwwwwwww, no faaaaaaaaaaaaaair~" he frumped a bit, though it was beyond clear that he was being over dramatic with every word and action. "I pick good presents for Kuro-toe!" A lie, though not in his mind.

It was indeed nice to be out shopping with her. "Quaint" was a good word for it. For Fai though, the word he needed was "normal". This was what a teacher was supposed to do, help a student with the things they needed. Christmas shopping was a bit out of the school curriculum, but modern teachers didn't stick solely to the classrooms anymore with student interactions. Appearing normal was good. Pursuing that goal provided enough of a mask to fall behind so that his thoughts wouldn't stray too badly.

They still strayed though, as they always did, off to things Yuuhi wasn't able to forget. Wasn't allowed to forget. The tragedies he'd caused were always in his mind, plaguing his thoughts at every turn. Just training himself to hide those problems away had taken some doing, but he had for the most part mastered his disguise. But there were times, as Miss Lacus had seen, that his professionalism in it all would shatter. Still, it took a lot to cause that as well.

For now, the was wearing the mask of "fun", and would be having fun until something came to remove that mask.
21st-Feb-2008 11:50 am (UTC)
"I hope so," she whispered softly. In the back of her mind though, she was still uncertain about that. Maybe it was partly her fault because she did enjoy teasing Kurogane too much. She doubted that Mister Kuro would like to do a favor for someone that would most likely tease him throughout the photoshoot.

Lacus pretended to put in response to his pout. Inside, she was laughing though. "I don't think so, Mister Fai. Please behave yourself." This was really becoming more and more a very strange outing. "Now, instead of the pink, fluffy things that you have in mind. Shouldn't we start concentrating on things he won't throw out the window?"

This was actually Lacus's first time to bond this way with a teacher. It was actually quite nice. It was different from being out with her manager and Miss Cagalli. She still found it quite sad that Mister Fai wasn't her teacher. She decided to take Photography because of how much she loved it.

She stroked her fingers down the sleeve of a black jacket. The material felt good to the touch but she wasn't very fond of the color. She browsed through the other racks. She was planning to keep her mind distracted so that she wouldn't worry too much.

Lacus loved shopping. It was one of her favorite pastimes. The browsing through racks and clothes was a good way to keep her mind busy. "I suppose we could try other ideas. I have no idea what to give men. Usually, I just gave my daddy a tie or cuff links. I don't think Mister Kuro will need those anyway."
21st-Feb-2008 01:29 pm (UTC)
"You should ask him, just don't tease him when you do. He'll get all angry and huffy and won't do it out of spite then," he warned. Kuro-tiu could get pretty violent when his buttons were pressed the right way. Fai was certain his friend wouldn't do anything to hurt Miss Lacus though. He was still a good guy, just with some rough edges.

Was she scolding him? Perfect! "But I don't wannaaaaaaaaa~~" he whined even more, playing right along with the act. The others in the store must have found it strange that a grown man was being treated like a little kid by a little kid, but it was worse that Fai himself was acting the part. "And it's the thought that counts isn't it?" he pouted.

Though, he supposed, Kuro-wiki had no thoughts when he chucked certain gifts out of the window.

He didn't stay pouting and let Miss Lacus wander about, smiling softly as he watched. It was easy to see just how much she enjoyed shopping. How nice it must have been having something one liked so much. Fai loved his gardening, but only so much as for how it cheered others. There was nothing really that he could take true enjoyment in. He was happy to see that she had something though. Miss Lacus was kind, so she deserved that kind of enjoyment in her life.
21st-Feb-2008 11:15 pm (UTC)
"I know that Mister Kuro isn't violent. I could tell from just talking to him that he is really a kind person. Stubborn, but kind," she whispered as she returned another jacket back to it's rack. "Besides, I don't think Mister Fai would be so close to a man isn't. Without meaning to, he is actually a very fun person."

Lacus's eyes almost bulged for a second in surprise but then her lips curled in a smile. She tried to hold her smile as she decided to play along. She began to pet Mister Fai's head playfully. "There, there. I am sorry. Of course it is the thought that counts but I think it is also important that we should buy a present Mister Kuro wouldn't want to hide, right?" She partly hear the whispering in the crowd.

She could even hear a comment that she was too young to be his mother. Some questioned how old she was or how old he was.

She pulled out another rack. It was a red shirt, after careful thinking, she pulled the black jacket she saw earlier. "Mister Fai, how about this ensemble?" She smiled, still a bit uncertain. "Too formal, right?"

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22nd-Feb-2008 03:51 am (UTC)
Fai got his devilish grin back. "Ohohohoooo~ He can be quite violent, I'll have you know!" He lectured playfully, happy to give her a proper warning, instead of one in passing. She'd be in trouble if she didn't listen to his advice on "how to handle a Kuro-ruu"! "Like a dog. Loyal, faithful, true... but also prideful and defensive. You must handle him properly, or he'll try to bite the hand that feeds him."

That comment about being close was getting ignored.

He pretended to meow when she petted him. "Nyaaaaaaaan~" And, of course, his mouth had to proper grin for this act as well. He did have to pout a little since he really was being slightly scolded. That was part of the performance, and the onlookers would likely think something illegal was going on if they didn't milk the mother and son dynamic for all it was worth!

He just couldn't help the kind of gifts he liked getting for Kuro-myuu. They were so much fun! "But I don't know any presents like that..." Which was, sadly, quite true. He set his eyes on the clothes she pulled out, quickly seeing that they were neither pink nor cute. But still... "They're his colors," he admitted. Red and black.
22nd-Feb-2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
It didn't take a genius to see the implication here. The relationship between the two of them was that of a cat and dog. It really was an interesting combination. Maybe if she could talk Mister Kuro into modeling for her, he would be willing to wear a dog suit. She bit back another giggle at the thought. Then again, maybe she shouldn't. Mister Kuro would most likely get really, really mad.

From a little kid, she suddenly got herself a purring cat. Still griining, Lacus didn't notice at all the scene the two of them were causing in the store. "Good kitty, she said," still playing along with her silly teacher. He really was unpredictable.

"Really? I just thought they would go well with his black hair and red eyes," she admitted. Still, she was a bit uncertain about the size since Mister Fai was not going to be very helpful in that area. "Do you think we should check other possibilities?"

She looked outside the store, her eyes wandering and looking at one store to another.
22nd-Feb-2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
"Hyuuuu~? What are you thinking there?" he purred, noticing her expression. Not quite to giggling, but the smile she wore was all the indication he needed to know. Something had her tickled, and he'd bet anything it had to do with Kuro-wolf. There was no mistaking that type of grin - he'd used it often.

And of course he was the kitty! Big Kitty and Big Puppy, or so they'd once been dubbed in high school. Honestly, the imagination of his cheer-leading squad had been something else, but he'd never minded their cutesy labeled. Kuro-wan had minded... a lot... and he'd expressed that dislike quite a bit, but he'd never gone after any of those girls who'd started it. Kuro-pet was too soft to ever chase after a girl with the intent of serious injury. That's why Fai had gotten chased instead, all over the football field. He earned it, naturally, what with taking the nickname and incorporating it into cheers and such. Didn't help Kuro-bark that the school mascot had been a dog either.

Sometimes they could even steal the show from the mascot when Kuro-arf started chasing him; it was such a crowd pleaser! He wondered why...

"We can do whatever you want, Miss Lacus," he said, a little more serious, though not by much. He was getting better at differentiating between play and reality, though not by much. Sometimes he'd only change his composure subtly to differentiate, yet at other times it would be quite obvious. Kuro-puu was, so far, the only one who could tell immediately which Fai was using, but Miss Lacus might not have known him well enough to catch the strange habit.
22nd-Feb-2008 11:52 pm (UTC)
She looked up and smiled. Lacus hadn't forgotten how observant her teacher was. "Nothing really. It is quite silly. I don't think it would be wise to tell you." If Mister Fai hadn't read her mind already, he was going to read her expression sooner or later. Being around Mister Fai was starting to give her weird ideas. She had to be careful.

Lacus also knew a little about pet names. Back home, people had called her the Pink Princess. It wasn't exactly something she hated though so she never really minded. Though, it probably wouldn't be the same case with Mister Kurogane who doesn't seem to be very fond of pet names. Then again, if he had to live with Mister Fai's constant silliness, he couldn't hate it that much, could he? She wasn't really sure because it was hard to read either of them.

Lacus took some time to think carefully and then nodded. "I want to see what other possibilities there are." She waled towards the door but not before smiling and thanking the employees for their help. The employees thanked her for her patronage. "I am still feeling a bit uncertain. "Does he like Music?"
23rd-Feb-2008 08:02 am (UTC)
"Awwwww, don't be so secretive! I like secrets, you know!" A little too much. Knowing too much got him in trouble sometimes, but that didn't lessen his interest in the more amusing things in life. "Tell me~?" he pleaded playfully, once again pouting like a little child. By her expression, he could imaging up a few theories on what she might be thinking, but being told was the only way to know for certain.

Miss Lacus would be hard pressed to ever get a true "reading" on Fai. There was too much there, some false, some real, but mostly false. And when he was around people who knew more than he liked, those two liked to cross. He knew how false he attempted to be with her, but how some of his actions were undeniably real.

Fai also gave the employees a kind, almost apologetic smile. Even if it had just been in play, he and Miss Lacus had presented a rather strange scene in the store. It was only proper to apologize for that. Once he had, his smile turned again to Miss Lacus. "He sort of does, though I'm not sure of any artist. It's always this really hard gruff music that I'm not very fond of," he explained, "We can go to a store that sells music and see if there's something we can listen to. I might be able to figure something out, if I hear it. Of course, there's no way to tell if Kuro-sleet has some music or not, but it wouldn't hurt to try, right?"

He was trying to encourage her as best he knew how. So long as shopping was the main agenda, they could stick to doing so. Maybe they would wear the day out with shopping, and Miss Lacus would be too exhausted to force any other kind of conversation. He hoped that could word, at least.
23rd-Feb-2008 02:38 pm (UTC)
She still shook her head. "I don't think so. I don't want to have to lie to you, Mister Fai," she warned, hoping that he didn't know how awful she was at the art of lying. "That is my little secret." She smiled and pressed a finger to her lips. It would very likely embarrass Kurogane if she said another word.

Lacus continued to walk down the sidewalk with a very thoughtful expression. "We could give it a try."

They always said that Music calmed the savage beast Not that Lacus thought of Mister Kurogane as a beast. Still, she thought it might work. Everyone had their own type of music, right?

So, what was Mister Kuro's?

Rock? Pop? Jazz? Reggae? There were too many to choose from. Though, she found it doubtful that he'd enjoy pop music. Maybe he would, but depending on the artist. The problem was that there were also too many artists to choose from.

"Mister Fai, tell me more about Mister Kuro's siblings. Who are they?" maybe if she knew more about his family background would help.
24th-Feb-2008 12:53 am (UTC)
He would have protested some more had she not said the magic word. Lie. Pausing, smile slipping ever so slightly, his look calmed. Was being around him making her want to lie? If that was so... "Iyaaaaan, I hope they're not too mad for the scene we made!" he spoke loudly, turning his head back to look at the store - the easiest way to avoid her eyes. He took a moment with his head turned to force his thoughts back and regain the mask a bit before looking forward again. Thankfully he'd been behind Miss Lacus on the sidewalk, so, he hoped, she hadn't seen him slip too terribly much.

Fai would call Kuro-shuu a beast any day of the week! He was always rough and got so violent at times! Beast was an understatement really, but it still suited him! "Try anything you'd like! We've got all day!" If he could last that long.

"Siblings?" he blinked, confused, then realized what she meant, "oh no, they're not his siblings!" Though now that picture was in his mind. If Tomoyo had been Kuro-otou's sister... but no, that wouldn't have worked! Fai wouldn't have been able to tease his friend about liking her if they'd been that closely related! Sometimes he was thankful that Tomoyo and her sister were so distant from Kuro-wan's immediate family. "They're his cousins. Pretty distant, but they've got some relation. I'd imagine Kuro-cranky would have turned out a lot different if he'd not been an only child." A lot different. "He lived with them during high school."
24th-Feb-2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
For a second, Lacus thought that she had said something wrong. It was probably for a very brief second but his expression had definitely change. As dense as Lacus was mostly was, she did notice Mister Fai's sudden change of topic. Again, she let it slide despite not at all understanding what she had said that was wrong. There was simply too many things she didn't understand about Mister Fai and he wasn't ready to give her any answers yet. That made her realize that she had to be careful with her words even more.

She forced a smile and nodded. "That may be true but it would have been much easier if I knew exactly what I was looking for," she pointed out. "I am afraid that looking for the whole day would probably happen.

Lacus brought her palms to her lips, covering them feeling slightly embarrassed. "I am so sorry. I apologize for that. I misunderstood." So, he had cousins. She wondered if they would be as dark and brooding as their older cousin. How old are they and are they?"
24th-Feb-2008 05:11 pm (UTC)
The whole day. So long as it was spent looking and not prying, he was sure he could handle it. Still, he knew what he had told her back at the dorms so... so if she wanted to ask about things like that... he would try. Maybe. It wasn't fair to her if he didn't.

"Ahahaha..." He couldn't help but laugh at the mistake now that she was reacting so adorably. She was so cute when flustered! But it was a little mean laughing when she genuinely thought she'd done something wrong. "No no, don't apologize!" he waved a hand, "It's nothing serious."

He knew she'd still probably feel guilty, but that was her nature. Nothing he could do about that. Putting a finger to his lips, he thought a moment on her next question before answering. "Well... I shouldn't give their ages since I know one of them would get really mad at me for it." And Ameterasu mad could be worse than Kuro-awr, depending. "Oh, but, let's see.... Ameterasu's the older sister. She's a few years older than me. And Tomoyo, that's the younger sister, she's five years younger than Kuro-pii, I think." He knew their actual ages, but with how he'd said it, a smart girl like Miss Lacus should be able to make some good guesses for the sisters' ages.

Oh, but had he told her that Kuro-chu was younger than him? Hmm... not by much, so it didn't matter.
25th-Feb-2008 10:41 am (UTC)
Lacus sighed and made a dreamy smile. "I wish I had siblings," she confessed but my mother died when I was still an infant barely able to walk. At times, I wondered how it would feel to have a brother or sister."

It didn't take a genius to see that the age gap was really long. Still, she didn't find anything wrong in that. A sibling was still a sibling. Having another person bound to you by blood that was not a parent might have made kept her from being so lonely during the few times in her life. "Tomoyo? I had a friend named Tomoyo last year but she moved away. I believe she returned to Japan. What a coincidence." Lacus missed Tomoyo sometimes but she knew that she was needed back home.

"I never really thought that you were older than Mister Kuro." She didn't bother to hide the surprise in her voice. "That is interesting to know." It went to show that age really was difficult to tell by simply the physical features of a person. She knew that physical enhancements were usually involved but she doubted that they would do that. There was nothing fake about Mister Fai's face. It was very much real.

Enhancements were quite common in her line of work, though Lacus was proud to say that she had no desire to take part of it. "You have have interesting friends, Mister Fai," she laughed.
25th-Feb-2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
Those subjects about siblings and family, those were the hardest for Fai to deal with. He had been doing fine so far by latching on to Kuro-yunyun's family relations, but now... If she'd just stuck with Kurogane things would have been fine! But she hadn't. She'd gone to her own family, her own issues with them - how she'd lost a mother and thought of siblings. Such sincere, familiar words... so similar...

He couldn't take words like that!

Suddenly feeling sick, Fai glanced around for an out. Somewhere, anywhere! Even a back alley would have been fine so long as it would lead away from the difficult subjects Miss Lacus was unknowingly presenting. He couldn't find a verbal out - some change of subject or a forced laugh - only because he couldn't bring himself to speak. The sick feeling was too powerful this time, and it took his voice from him.

In looking, he didn't register a good deal of what she continued speaking about only because he was too frantic. The panic had him too desperate to listen. When they passed by another store, he let the girl continue a bit more ahead of him before ducking into the store with one quick step. The bell above the door betrayed his action though, but he didn't care and still disappeared inside anyway.

Just a moment away.

[Fai's retreated to the store's bathroom. ^_^;]
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