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White Ridge Academy
[thread] I have a confession or two 
13th-Jan-2008 07:51 pm
you and me and the devil makes three
Who: Heine Rammsteiner [bulletdog], Mello [vicious_solace], Bishop [bishop_n_queens] [closed]
Where: The church
When: [13/01/2008] [9:43 PM]
What: Heine meets Mello and stuff happens as usual .
Rating: Probably R

The winter had been pretty cold. Things had been pretty quiet. He hadn't seen Beyond for a long while. He really didn't know what was going on. He hadn't seen Mello. Didn't really care. He hadn't gone to see Bishop. He hadn't had his medication. He didn't know if that mattered. He was just kind of around doing nothing really until he heard that there was a tournament around. He'd heard of a few names flying about too. Now that was something good to do. Especially because it was an underground tournament and he'd be happier than ever if someone actually killed him. Was he in? Hell yes he was.

Right now though the albino was heading towards the church. He stepped up to the stairs and looked upwards. This was where that kid was hung with his innards splayed down the stone. It had been over a year that whole thing, but he could smell it still. Gloved hands came to touch the stone. He'd be smelling a lot of that soon and it would be good. Oh, yes. It would be good.

Boots pivoted and pushed the doors open. It was almost just like that chapel back home, Heine concluded as he walked forward. He slowly walked down the middle between pews with no sight of Bishop around. Was he sleeping? A sound made him stop though in the middle of his walk and tip his head to the side.

. . .

Mello. The German smirked. It looked like he wasn't quite awake. Perfect. As quiet as he could footsteps made their way to the pew and sat right on his stomach. Leaning back on the bench he brought up his feet to cross boots on the top of the other pew's back.
14th-Jan-2008 01:39 am (UTC)
Unlike Heine, Mello had it pretty rough, being wounded as hell and jumping out of windows after getting knives thrown at him by that asshole only to ask his girlfriend to fix him up and he sure as ever that he wasn't going to return back to the dorm room with the albino waiting there because shit would blow up as usual and for once, Mello just wanted a break and what was more comforting then being in a church by yourself and being glorified by God, though that in itself was utter bullshit, Mello just needed a place to stay and sleep and recover just in time for the tournament though his mind was still thinking about it, really he didn't care much about it but it was tempting still.

Mello was cladded in his usual attire, studded leather with large boots and the usual guns though he had hoped that he wouldn't have to use them any time soon... what the shit was he going on about, he loved using them but just a little while longer to rest with his arm swung over his forehead but then he could hear the door open, but he didn't wake up and only hurt the vague footsteps, thinking they were nothing, maybe it was the priest who owned the join.

But then there was something on his stomach, something heavy and irritating and Mello, still half-sleep let out a wince, expression turned into a cringe and he lifted his arm to take a peek as who it was, sight was faint and his lips turned into a smirk when he noticed the corner of red hues and silver tined hair... fucking ironic to find Heine here, getting rather comfortable on his stomach just after the blonde decided to fucking avoid him, just brilliant and hissed.

"Fucking enjoying yourself?"
14th-Jan-2008 02:19 am (UTC)
Life was tough and tough shit to you. He hadn't been in his room anyways so Mello was avoiding and empty space. He'd been staying in the motel room with Beyond, only Beyond had been gone for awhile. It had been a long while sense he'd actually been on campus. Heine was pretty sure it didn't matter anyways. He went to class. That was all that mattered. The police covered his ass. He was sure the second he fell out of line he'd be kenneled.

The albino tipped his head up with a grin. Silently Heine wished Nill was here. It would be nice to see that face. Everything was so confuesing but so simple. He didn't know what to do. Who was right. It just felt right. Really, it all just felt right and that was, well, weird. Why he was even staying in this town anymore if it weren't for Beyond. That was really all it was, Beyond. If there was a point in anything really. Beyond.

Heine grinned at the cringe. He knew who did this. He knew exactly who did this. Heine, Heine was a stupid fool, Heine. Really stupid. Dumb kid.

He sighed and tipped his head back over the back of the bench and laughed, "Man I don't know what his excuse was in not killing you," the gunman spoke, "you're tactics obviously haven't approved much."
14th-Jan-2008 02:44 am (UTC)
Mello glared, obviously, he really didn't fucking appreciate being a couch for the dickhead and shifted his body, trying to get himself up but alas, the wounds just hurt more and practically gave up, turning his head away and folded his arms behind his head as though he had no fucking problem in the world, tough shit that wasn't true and he turned his head back again, letting out a rather painful groan before letting out a rather arrogant chuckle at Heine's words, like he knew everything about the blonde.

"Yeah, because you know me so much." He snarled as he tried to pull himself up now as far as he could, with the albino on his stomach and blonde threads clinging to his forehead, hand on the back of the pew and leaned up as closely as he could to the German, smirk twitching on his lips from the pain as the other hand placed behind him to keep balanced.

"Wish you were fucking there, babe." He hissed hatefully as the corner of his lip twitched once again, he was sick to fucking death about Heine, hell if he didn't have any sort of sick and twisted respect for the albino then he wouldn't mind just shooting him, hell what was stopping him now? Well, Mello didn't want his bones broken and have to visit that bitch once again.
14th-Jan-2008 03:03 am (UTC)
Mello really had bad luck didn't he? He was shot by Heine, abandoned by L, and cut and slashed by Beyond. What did he have left here? It seemed Mello had even less than Heine did and he wondered if that was why he chose to stay in a church the night. That or he wondered if Bishop looked at him and saw the same thing Heine saw. Himself. Bishop was a forgiving sort of guy. He'd have to be. Heine figured he took pity on any poor soul looking as much a wreck as they were and wreaked of tainted blood.

Someone had to pity them. God sure as hell wouldn't.

Heine frowned a little. Not because he saw the pain Mello went through just to half assed sit up and make some cocky remark. Leathered fingers moved swiftly pushing the man back down. The toes of his boots clicked.

"Why are you still here Mello?"
14th-Jan-2008 03:16 am (UTC)
Oddly enough Mello just laid back down as Heine pushed him, turning his head away again. It was true, Mello had no one at all, who the hell knew where Matt was and even Near was gone... shit, Near, thinking about him was just not right in a situation like this, even L wasn't around and it really did feel like the whole world was crumbling underneath his feet and the only real thing that made Mello even consider keep going was killing Beyond but Mello didn't want pity, he just wanted this fuckface to get off him so he could go somewhere else and sleep.

Like really just liked shitting on them, didn't it? and it was odd how calm he was, just laying there with Beyond's friend on him, it even made Mello wish he could join them just so he could be around with some people who would think of him as useful and he spoke with the little air he had left in him.

"The hell you care Heine, I could ask you the same thing." But Heine had Beyond and maybe he was a good enough reason to stay in this fucking moronic town.
14th-Jan-2008 03:29 am (UTC)
He reached forward grabbing the other pew and stood. With ease hopped over it and stood on the seat. Nill would dance these pews and bring life to something so dead as their town. Even if it was a church it was so dead in here. The air was sill. The moonlight filtered in through the thick dust and gave everything a strange glow due to the colored glass.

"I'm a stray dog," Heine pulled forward a small smirk tupping his head over the leather clad shoulder, "I go where I go."

He fucked up pretty badly this time. That was why he'd stayed in the first place but now he had Beyond. That was a good reason to stay; and say the word they'd be gone. Didn't matter where. Didn't matter when. He'd love to live like that again.

Heine turned back towards the alter, "you haven't seen the old man have you?"
14th-Jan-2008 03:44 am (UTC)

It was rather painful when Heine hopped off him but at least he could fucking breath and quickly he sat upright and wrapped his arms around his stomach and lowered his head for a few moments before relaxing back and let out a disgruntled sigh while ignoring those words that Heine said, going into one ear and out the other, like he really gave a fuck about who Heine was, Heine was just some shithead who was partnered with Beyond, that was all.

"Stray dog? How fucking original." Mello took another deep breath and sat up on the edge of the pew, feet planting on the seat and elbows on his knees, tilting his head up and looking at Heine with a indifferent expression but with a smirk before speaking once again.

"No." Though he didn't care, really and now he was standing up and walking towards the middle of the pews, leaning against one and dug his hands in his pockets, whispering he had some chocolate or some shit. "Got a confession?"
14th-Jan-2008 04:32 am (UTC)
Heine tipped his head. How did he knew Mello would say something stupid like that as if Heine was trying to be artistic with the truth or something. What fucking ever. His eyes rolled back up to the ceiling slicking his tongue over his jagged teeth idly. Was Bishop getting so old that he was now both blind and deaf?

"Something like that," the albino spoke moving down the pews seat to the edge to step off. Scarlets met the blonds face. Hideous scar for a second he wondered what caused it. Just curiosity really. Nothing more or less. That was never a judging factor in his opinion. There was a second there that Heine just kind of wanted to punch this bitch in the face but he didn't. He knew nothing about Beyond and Mello's background, he only knew what he could acces which wasn' a whole lot. Heine tried to be nice. Continued forward towards the other side and spoke loud enough for Mello to hear kind of.

"You want some coffee?"
14th-Jan-2008 06:43 am (UTC)
Right then, right when Heine and Mello were staring face to face the blonde clutched his fists and was ready to swing it at him but he knew the albino was thinking the same, there was no fucking point to it but Mello had this strong need to just crush that fucking asshole and destroy Beyond everyway possible and nothing was going to change that because it was fucking justice for what that asshole did to his idol and Mello didn’t care what the hell anyone said, not Heine or that dumbass of a doctor but then Mello was asked for coffee and he unclenched those fists and tilted his head to the side.

"Yeah, whatever."

Because coffee right now would be fucking brilliant and he needed it so badly right now so he would stop stumbling like a fucking drunken idiot who couldn't stand on their own two feet and hesitantly, Mello followed the albino but kept a eye on him, almost as though alarms were going to go off at any moment now and something stupid was about to happen though Mello would prefer hot chocolate.
14th-Jan-2008 12:14 pm (UTC)
Mello had all the right to be pissed off at them both really. Heine thought over this silently as he walked through the pews to the other side and started down the stairs to the basement. It was kind of like he was at home the way he walked knowing just where everything was. Funny Bishop would find a church, the only church in White Ridge. Just like back home below Lipzeig. Figures.

Stepping down into the basement a hand reached out to flick on the light. The kitchen was just to his right. The basement area was relatively clean. It hosted a couple futons for people from the streets to sleep. That wasn't entirely surprising. Heine made a notion to the bitching about the lights and turned them off once he hit the kitchen.

The gunman stopped closing the kitchen door behind Mello and turned on those lights. For a moment he paused. Contemplated but than moved.

"Tea's, Coffee, hot chocolate are over there," Heine noded his head to the left side.

The last cupboard on the left was where Bishop always put them. That being said he made his way to the counter sink pulling out a kettle for water. Bishop only had cheap instant coffee. Glorious cheap instant coffee.
14th-Jan-2008 12:52 pm (UTC)
Mello pondered to himself silently as he walked quietly behind Heine, back slightly slouched and hands in pockets, scanning his eyes along the area. It seemed as though no place was really safe, anything could really happen right now, Beyond could be hiding out somewhere and just randomly lunge at Mello, ripping him to shreds and Mello would be limp on his back, trying to fight him off and only failing but hey, he had nothing to lose, did he?

When the lights to the kitchen flicked on, he had to cover his eyes so the light would slowly adjust, he really didn't expect something like this, for Heine to offer him some shitty hot drinks and just stare at eachother, talking about stupid crap while under the table they would aim guns at one another with their fingers on the trigger.

The blonde moved quickly as soon as the door was shut behind him and didn't say a word as he walked over to the left counter and pulled out two mugs and grabbed the hot chocolate and a spoon, doing what the hell you usually do with the shit but cringed only slightly when he put everything together, hand on his shoulder and leaning against the wall.

"Never thought you would have known this place so damn well." Like if he cared, Mello was only pissed off that no one could leave him the fuck alone for once.
15th-Jan-2008 01:14 am (UTC)
He turned on the water and filled the old kettle almost full. Turning on the gas to the stove gloved fingers pulled out the drawer next to it and struck a match lighting it. Everything was old-- years past their glory. Like when the fall came after the rise he remembered that day. The day it all stopped, or so he thought. It made him smile a little. A little happy, a little sad. Heine blew out the match and put the kettle on.

"He keeps everything in the same place," reds turned back behind white locks for a moment. The ball of his foot pivoted in a slow turn. On the old floors and his worn boots it gave off an audible sound as Heine rounded the table a mid the kitchen.

He stopped near by the side of Mello; enemy by default. Didn't look at him though or anything. He just reached up for the old instant coffee jar to put a spoonful or two into the cup.

"Thought you were going deaf," Heine spoke without looking back watching the black almost glop into the white chine. Ew. he German smirked. Bishop hadn't even opened the door yet but he knew the old man had good hearing. Couldn't kick ass without some leverage afterall.
(Deleted comment)
15th-Jan-2008 02:08 am (UTC)
Everything seemed to oblivious to Mello right now, just leaning against the wall with his eyes shut and arms folded against his chest, anything could really happen right now and something in him just told him to let it happen. Shit. He hated this, feeling pathetic and almost as though he was given pity just because he was fucking neglected, not like Mello needed anyone at all.

The blonde ignored the albino's movements and shifted slightly against the surface, one leg over the other and head lowered until he tilted it to see a bishop... did Heine know this guy too? How fucking amusing and Mello had to let out a few chuckles at the stupidity he got himself into, one hand reached up and placed on his forehead, covering a eye thinking of how ironic that where ever he went there was no peace and the comment the older man was just more hilarious.

Bad omens. Yeah, they seemed to just follow Mello everywhere and he pushed himself off the wall and stood infront of the older man, arms out and up as though he was in defeat and said in a mocking tone. "I'm sure I'm going to hell."

Then he put his hands back in his pockets, wincing once again and then spoke. "Is it a bad omen to have any alcohol in here also?"
15th-Jan-2008 12:27 pm (UTC)
Heine wasn't giving anyone pity. If anyone knew how big an assault on one's pride pity was it was Heine. Bishop knew that too just because Bishop got the bad half long ago when he tried, but Bishop kept trying. Not too pushy but pushy enough to sometimes annoy him. Always just making sure he was there so Heine knew when it was needed that he was there. Heine still rarely paid attention to it. Heine was still unsure how he felt about Bishop but it was funny that when Heine felt something about Bishop other than annoyance it was usually appreciation.

The albino shifted a bit cracking a bit of a smile, “I had a map?”

Did Mello actually take that serious? Bishop also knew Heine had no redemption. He was beyond that point. Far beyond it. There wasn't enough good deeds or pleas he could make with God to set him strait and it wouldn't matter anyways. Heine would never be set strait. Not with that monster within. No matter what Bishop believed in; Heine believed in his philosophy. The monster within.

He brought his cup to the table and rounded it again as the water began to boil. Taking the pot off and pouring it into the cup a spoon was added. Mello could pour his own damn water. Heine stared at the black coal tar that almost formed. He set the spoon down and turned towards the priest with the cup settled on his lips gently blowing the steam off.

“Aren't I a bad omen just in general?” a pause, his eyes shifted back towards the other blond but didn't actively look back, “and thats the blood of Christ. There's a difference,” he smirked.
(Deleted comment)
20th-Jan-2008 01:13 am (UTC)
Well shit...

Heine wasn't going to pour him any hot water... how fucking tragic and Mello snorted arrogantly and rolled his eyes as he reached for the jug of hot water and poured it in his own cup, stirring the spoon and walked past Heine, nudging his shoulder with his own just to be irritating and grabbed some milk, pouring it into the cup and turned his gaze to the albino, blowing on his own drink.

"There is a difference between an asshole and a fuckhead but you seem to fit the bill for both of them." He smirked back, leaning against the counter with one elbow, thinking to himself how Heine wasn't even half-bad really but Mello didn't want to think of shit like that, they may end up being friends and the blonde was sure as hell not going to have any sort of relationship with the German, no matter if he did practically save L.

Mello soon turned his gaze to the blind man with a uninterested, slightly bored expression and tilted his head to the side -- what enthralling company, wouldn't want to waste it -- though the question he was asked just had a simple answer.

"I needed a place to sleep and wanted to keep the hell away from Heine, guess it didn't work." Though the words sounded the same as his expression, just tired and slightly pissed off.
20th-Jan-2008 03:06 am (UTC)
No. He never had a map. He never needed one. He took his time enjoying the crap of a coffee rather thoroughly. His body leaned against the table in the middle of the kitchen; boots crossed. It was comfortable here. Reminded him of Germany. Reminded him of a lot of things. Reminded him of that day-- the second coming. When he fled afterwards. How close he was to ending so many lived he'd come so far with.

The comfort stayed. The lifted mood faded. Heine said nothing, as usual. 'I don't believe so Heine, no' How could he even say that? Bishop had far too much faith in him. Far too much. The albino frowned. His head bowed eyes folding to the cup. That slight nudge when Mello finally decided to pour his own water did its job in irritation.

Hues looked up from his cup with a bit of a glare, Moron. A bit of an aggrivated ebb forced his white brows. Why the hell did he put milk in a water based hot chocolate mix. He smapped out of it once he realized that was a stupid thing to be aggrivated over and put his cup down

"Sleep with the convics down here," Heine stretched, "I have some confessions Father."

He wasn't entirely sure what to say and what not to say. They had a lot of catching up to do and Bishop would catch him one way or another.
(Deleted comment)
20th-Jan-2008 03:47 am (UTC)
It wasn't that Mello was disturbed, just that he really didn't give a fuck and that he was tired as hell, if he had any effort or any concern then he would of leaned against that damn booth to hear that bullshit of a confession but he gulped down the rest of his hot chocolate almost hungrily and slammed the glass on the counter. He dug his hands in his pockets and let out an irritated grunt at both of them being really -- faith was fucking nothing when you lost it already and Mello had.

Another drawn out sigh left his lips and he looked towards Bishop, smirking but said nothing, he just strolled to one of the doors into one of the guest rooms the old man was talking about, just some rest and relaxation. Mello closed the door behind him, ignoring what the albino was doing and tossed his leather jacket to the floor before getting onto one of the bed, he knew he couldn't sleep now with some moron in the place, hell, if Mello closed his eyes then that bastard could just easily assassinate him. The blonde tucked his arms under his head and just looked up at the ceiling, just thinking of how screwed up life really was.

[[OOC: Short tag... oops :P]]
25th-Jan-2008 07:57 pm (UTC)
Silence rolled on for a long moment. His brows ebbed and lips pursed glaring down at the black substance in that cup through tainted glasses. He remembered that day clearly just as he remembered the day before it. The day it was repeating a year before. That was all. Where, how, all lost to his memories. All things he couldn't remember. It was funny almost.

The albino let out a breath finishing off the coffee and with ease tossing it into the garbage by the door. His head cocked back a moment later looking at the blond. Heine had done a hell of a lot of bad things, and he was an impossible jerk but he held enough respect at least. Even if he found God a bastards and likely a mysanthropist Bishop was.. well he was Bishop.

Uncrossing his feet Heine stood at full height turning towards the door, "have some respect man. He doesn't have to let you stay here, and I don't have to restrain myself from shoving a bullet between your eyes."

With that said he left with the elder.

(( Bishop and I will probably continue in another thread. 8D Have fun Mello? )
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jan-2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
It was funny how those words went unscorned. Just because Bishop knew that Heine withdrawing from such a thing was a massive step for him. Wasn't too long ago that there would be no second thoughts. Possibly because they both knew that no matter how much Heine would pray, nor how much Heine could change, nor anything Heine could ever do would wash his hands clean. Nothing could ever redeem his soul. Not ever.

The albino stayed quiet as he usually were. Along with the small taping of Bishops cane was the soft shing of metal. Strangely Heine was very light on his feet. He looked over the pews as they walked, almost smiled a touch. He could see Nill dancing over them delicately. It brought so much life into a place otherwise so... dead.

He got in the other side when they reached the booths. Normally he mocked Bishop for this routine but it was almost comfortable right now. Leather fingers tipped up the colored shades to resh on white messy locks now that there wasn't so much light. His head tipped against the the corner of the booth, a slender arm rose to slip a finger over the fine woodwork. Everything had been cleaned and dusted. He always wondered what it was that caused Bishop to take this path.

"How's Nil? Liza wouldn't be ablt to take care of her," he asked- curious about that before he got to his yay lon list of bad things he'd done in the past year. Badou wouldn't take care of her any well. Maybe she was with Naoto. That made his nose cringe up in displeasure when he thought about it.

Feh. Naoto would probably get them all killed in seconds.
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jan-2008 09:16 pm (UTC)
Faith? Was that it?

He had faith in all the wrong things. Like Beyond. People would say was a wrong thing but when he saw Beyond he didn't see a murderer. Maybe it was because he too was just the same; a murderer. Maybe it was because he knew that Beyond was a creation of his own, a monster born from wickedness, trauma, whatever it was. Heine couldn't see a monster when he looked at Beyond.

These thoughts caused him to shift a little. Fingers brushed up against the bandages around his neck as his eyes lowered down to the toe of his boot. For a moment there was more silence. Hues a-red peered to look at the man between the small square of mesh. He made another distasteful face when he heard the assumtion of Nil being with Naoto was correct. She wanted to find her way back down to the underground too. He frowned. And Bishop wasn't telling him something.

His body leaned forward and fingers dropped between his knees, "I don't know if I'm really sinning," he started, "but than I remember what a fool I am."

He leaned back again stretching his legs out a bit. A smile came to his lips as his head dropped back against the corner of the booth again and Heine looked up.

"Father, forgive me," he almost said amusedly, "I think I'm in love."
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jan-2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
It was so strange when he thought about it. It took him forever to realize it too. That and Mello bringing it up often. He didn't really believe it at first. He somewhat wanted to believe that Beyonds stiulations on Heine just feeling guilty was all it was; but it wasn't. Guilt wasn't what he felt. Anger, maybe. Anger at their lies. Anger at how they treated him. He didn't feel guilty because of his 'betrayal.' He'd probably do it again. He'd do it because he knew what that could do to a person. He understod those principles, he'd been there. He'd do it because he knew Beyond would die there too. He didn't want Beyond to die. He didn't want to see that face as someone other than Beyond.

Heine pursed his lips a bit and smiled faintly. He amost laughed for a moment bringing up his old boots to cross on the small ledge across from where he sat.

"That," hah, "that's going to take awhile." He paused, "but I can tell you the two main things." His smile faded a little, "he's a murderer, as they claim. Than I guess.. that makes us a good pair doesn't it?"
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jan-2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
"Yeah," he responded after a moment. At first you wouldn't be able to tell what exactly he was agreeing with. All of the above probably. Though his head rolled to the side looking through that mesh. He could see Bishop smiling still.

"I am." he breathed a little softly, "I didn't want him to go. He loved someone else. He did everything to get this mans attention. I didn't mean to get involved. I did something really stupid that caught the attention of the man he wanted." there was a pause, "he tried to bargain with me. It was going to end in the attick at the school here." his brows furrowed, "and I didn't mind. I've seen worse. I've done worse; but when I thought about how much he loved this man. It--" the end of his speech sounded strained. A gloved hand rose to one side of his forhead. Fingers curling at the hairline.

"Reminded me of," his voic dropped to a whisper, "Lily.."

"I knew that he would die inside.. so I shot him instead before he could kill the other."

-- and that was just the beginning.
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jan-2008 11:42 pm (UTC)
He breathed a long inhale. The scent of blood upon his gloves. It still carried even though it was all long gone. He'd never be liberated from his sister and what he had done those years ago. Again, and again. He'd see it again and again.

"Everytime I close my eyes," he whispered, "I used to think of Lily. Again, and again I'd see Lily and everyone that died when I didn't. And everything I do and can't stop. And all the blood I've spilled. And how I just... didn't care," the albino let the hand fall down. His feet slipped back to the ground and his body leaned forward. Eyes staring at the bottom of the booth, "and how I hated myself because I couldn't feel like I cared. Like I should have cared but I enjoyed it even though I knew it was wrong." his hands curled into a fist for a moment than released, "and I often ask myself why. What is someone like me doing here? Why am I still living than?"

I must ask you never to spill the blood of another one of God's children. Heine smirked at that one. Bishop never gave that one up. For years he heard it after every confession he'd ever made. Heine never agreed though. He never said that he would. At least, at least he was honest. It didn't make it any better though, but at least there was that.

"I wish I could," he spoke lowly, "sometimes.. but," his fingers rose again instinctively to the back of his neck, "its so disgusting. I think over and over about how horrible I am, but in the end of it all... I never change. I'm still the fool I always was. So you know I won't listen to you when you say that."

He paused, "I used to think of Lily, but I don't so much anymore. I'm not forgetting her. I'm letting her pass on. This is the first person I've ever really wanted to care for, like I really want him to be happy. Even though there is blood on his hands too I look at him and I don't see a murderer. Maybe thats me also being stupid but," his eyes looked up than with a half smile, "it makes me wonder if I'm healing.. slowly? Than its funny that the relationship itself is a sin anyways. I guess I'm not."
(Deleted comment)
26th-Jan-2008 08:36 pm (UTC)
Manslaughter, was more technically the term for what Heine did. If he had any defence against it-- his murdering was often not planned. Heat of the moment, destructive urges just like a drug. With all his heart, if he could, he would stop, he really would, but he couldn't, and maybe part of him felt there was nothing else there for him either. It was all he knew, all he did.

He stayed silent. A hand came to his heart as he listened. Beyond thought Heine betrayed him because he knocked him out and saved L's life even while he didn't like L, or care for his death. Heine didn't care if L died or not he cared if Beyond died and he knew- he knew that killing L would not have made anything better. It would not satisfy the gaping hole within.

He knew that story wasn't from the bible. He didn't hear fingers shifting over the braille. It made his smile a little and he nodded shallowly.

"Thank you, Father."

He said with a slight of a smirk, "they know I'm here. They're waiting for me to do something that would fuck up the rights L has over me," his smirk faded and eyes shifted over towards the other, "so why are you here?"
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