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White Ridge Academy
[thread] Its been awhile 
11th-Jan-2008 05:43 pm
u c h i h a
Who: Uchiha Sasuke [talonsofahawk], Karin [quincefragrance] [open]
Where: Dojo in town.
When: [11/02/08] [6:34PM]
What: Sasuke is training and Karin was watching?
Rating: PG for now.

He hadn't been around that much lately. He'd done his work and disappeared from the world. The ghost of excellence. Hah. From everyone and everything but whatever it was he was doing; this Uchiha was indeed ghost like. It wasn't too hard to figure out what he was doing it was simply a question of where was he doing it. He had been following someone, a few someone's which lead him into towns near by. He came close, actually. Close to seeing him face to face. Really close. Really close to seeing that face for the first time in years.

A swift movement cut through the air. The sound of loose fabric followed it. Campus had been relatively quiet. Actually the entire city had been quiet lately. There seemed to be a bad omen surrounding the city and there was likely a good reason for that. The wind swayed miserably. Many villagers had left. The school was hanging in by the force of those few teachers who thought of this as home. This town, White Ridge, seemed to be in the lines for misfortune no matter what they did to benefit themselves. He thought momentarily this time the factor of misfortune was him. That would be egotistical of him, but sometimes he couldn't help but wonder. Than he was not the only one here with the blood of something poisonous inside his veins.

Sasuke's moves continued to flow. Elegant yet precise, sharp, flexible yet malleable, balanced and strong. He barely heard the door open due to the strong winds outside but he did pause when it reached his ears. There were no classes scheduled today, but there were others who worked and practiced between classes.
11th-Jan-2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
Dark so soon, but with the faintest of light still streaking across the sky. Red gaze flicked across the town, how lonely, how empty it seemed and that was just the way she liked it. So little energies that trickled across, there was nothing to overwhelm her, nothing to make her feel claustrophobic and nervous. But it really didn't matter because things were so frustrating and annoying and oh, how she just wanted to tear it apart.

Lips pulled back into an annoyed frown and Karin narrowed her crimson hues before halting and glancing up, red locks curling around her face at something -- someone -- so familiar that it made her heart race at the thought, no annoyance, no confusion, but yet, there it was. Footsteps quickened and she was hurrying to the dojo of where she knew he would be at, even without her precious sense. Stepping up to the door, Karin pushed it open a crack and peered inside, cheeks reddening at the sight.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Fluid and smooth, knowing exactly what he was doing and a tiny gasp of air escaped before her hands fluttered to her mouth, face darkening even more. But that was when the door swung open and Karin stumbled back, eyes wide but there was nothing she could do now, except reveal herself. Sighing, the redhead shifted forward and stared at him from behind her thick-rimmed glasses because he probably knew she was there though it was so quiet; he was just that brilliant.
11th-Jan-2008 11:57 pm (UTC)
That wasn't quite the noise most people on a normal entrence would make. Although it was windy outside he'd have to peg this mystery person as a bit of a klutz. Not as if there were too many impressive martial artists in this town, but there were a few noteworthy. He showed no marr of curiosity over his features at the noise of skattered stumbling and continued with his movements. A faint sound he could recognize folowed the glimps of red his eyes caught when the body stirrred forward but Sasuke continued until the kata was complete.

A snap, the movements you could almost hear the air choke as if it were his victim. Cease breath from the sharp vemonous strikes. It weren't too long from his low stance he rose. A pivot on the ball of his heel until faced the Kamidana. He had no use for a god but he bowed for respect, a shallow one at least. Diciplin. The main thing he had been taught throughout his life even if its teachings weren't often quite moral. He smirked a little at that; but he never showed respect to that man in his life. Here he was giving a shallow nod to a shrine in a Dojo of some man he barely knew. He almost snickered under his breath.

Coal hues rose to the clock as he breathed softly before adressing the girl. He'd only been here about an hour and a half. It was passed dinner. He contemplated before than cocking his head over to the one near the entrence of the Dojo floor.

"Karin," the Uchiha paused, "its been awhile."
12th-Jan-2008 12:25 am (UTC)
She stood and watched him finish his kata, gaze following his movements with ease and the experience of that which belongs to an martial artist as well. Turning slightly, she closed the door and then moved forwards, hands behind her back and crimson locks draping over her shoulder and framing her heart-shaped face. He was absolutely breath-taking and she adored it, ignoring the many pangs of guilt that was stabbing at her back and just staring at him before bowing her head in response, smile breaking across her face.

"I missed you~" Karin murmured quietly, fingering the collar of her top and then hand flicking up to adjust her glasses, contemplating between taking them off or leaving them on. She knew she looked much better with them off but...

"Where'd you disappear to?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side and then moving closer again. She really didn't care, as long as he was back. Anything to take her mind over, to allow her to think of something else. She was so grateful, so happy for this lucky, lucky moment.
12th-Jan-2008 01:09 am (UTC)
When was the last time they talked? it had been awhile. Upon the rooftop wasn't it? It was just after that riot in town in which Karin stated was accompanied by a member. It was, and there was nothing he could do about it at this given time. That blonde had sense dissapeared. He was the one Sasuke had been following actually and behold who he almost found. That night was tough. None would have been so sweet to have shed then the blood of him, but the masses were overwhelming. He was a very skilled martial artist but he was not a god. That fact alone angered him. The entire scenario both enthralled and enraged him. As it always was. Not much had changed but he. Itachi was still a coward. Fleeing. Gone. Always gone.

So if this was the way so be it. He would win.

His fingertips shifted a nudge feeling the jinbei slip a touch. Otherwise he wouldn't have cared but his body at this moment bore imperfections he'd rather not have noticed. He made the movement casual and pivoted the ball of one foot to walk towards the edge of the Dojo floor commenting not on her claims. He didn't quite doubt she did, but to him it was a meaningless thing to just say.

"Tournaments," he spoke finally as his feet reached the bench beside the alcove curving palling strong fingers over a neatly folded white towel. -- Kata's were something strange. Great practice, great exercise and diciplin, sometimes they wore you out or broke you into sweat more than real fighting. -- Sasuke turned towards the redhead after drawing a long breath into the towel. He was ready. He was beyond ready.

"What brings you here?"
12th-Jan-2008 01:17 am (UTC)

Karin immediately thought in response, eyes cool and face showing not a flicker of what could easily betray her. She knew better than that that Sasuke would certainly not waste his time on petty things like the such. But then again, what was she to say? There wasn't much she could do to accuse him on that point, and honestly, it wasn't any of her business anyways, no matter how much she wished it was. She just stepped after him as he moved, before responding.

"Nothing, really." She shrugged casually. "I was just... on my way to get a bite to eat, and then..." She paused, unsure of how to say why she really came here. That would've been quite uncomfortable and not something she particularly wanted.

"Have you ate yet? Perhaps we could get something together."

A small flicker of a devious smile that was quickly masked by an innocent one and she was at his side, tapered fingers touching his arm gently, barely, but those red, red hues watching him with a curious expression.
12th-Jan-2008 01:59 am (UTC)
It wasn't entirely a lie it was just a truth that hadn't happened yet. A truth that was born from the lie which did not happen yet. True he wouldn't normally bother with such a thing but he would go through man by man to get to that man and it was made somewhat clear this was what he was to do and so he would do it. As always following the dictation of that man to the end of that man. A wonderful day that would be. He had his curious guesses to the end; but nothing but the word beauty could come to his mind. And synonoms of all things beautiful, and wonderful and satisfying.

Sasuke mused to himself upon these images for a few moments eying her unease. Uncertainty. Unease and uncertainty. Of what exactly? She was always such an emotional explotion it was almost enigmatic. Sad to say the percentage of dangerous people he'd known in his life, while the strongest were males the most explosively psychotic were females. Tayuya was another wreck. He tipped his head. Matters irrelivant to him although he never could quite figure out what they were thinking and why. Karin was certainly no exception in this bafflement.

Arms folded over the partially exposed chest in that moment remembering it had been bound. There was a second pause but it mattered not he concluded. He shrugged off the slightest jolt that ran through him.

"I have to clean and close the Dojo tonight by nine," he paused tilting his head over his shoulder at the change room near the back; but he did need food even if he was planning on using most of this time for training. He was going to need to run out for some food at one point.

There was a long pause before he answered but didn't turn back to look towards the redhead and insead placed the towel down upon the bend then after he turned towards the back of the room, "alright. Give me a moment than."
12th-Jan-2008 02:27 am (UTC)
Karin waited silently, gaze unwavering and the smile disappearing only to be replaced by a small frown, fingers twisting around one another almost impatiently, but so very, very nervous. She could feel heat rising to her cheeks at just being near him, just being able to look him over, imagine, dream of the possibilities that would probably never happen, but she was an idealist at the worst. But just think! Oh, what wonderful moments, what could happen that she wished so much would, but she could only scold herself at being so blindly stupid but then again, when wasn't she?

How ridiculous.

But a smile soon spread across her lips and she beamed, so happy that he agreed because she had him all to herself! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Karin watched him move before shifting her position, unsure of what to do. He was going to change, she could feel him walk away.

She wanted to see him undress.

She wanted to see him in all that splendor.

Though that would be a terrible thing to do, sneak in, peak past the door, spy on him? But when were boundaries a problem? Finally, she shrugged and trotted after Sasuke, feeling oh-so-ashamed, but perhaps he would turn her away, make her stop. Then she wouldn't feel so embarrassed about doing this. A tiny part of her prayed that he would stop her, but lust was such a terrible thing.
12th-Jan-2008 02:51 am (UTC)
Sasuke would hear her feet moving towards the door. She'd done this before once or twice. Sneaky thing, she'd done it without him knowing a few times too. Those were usually moments outside where noise could be disguised; back in those days of travel. Shockingly Karin was quite stealthy when she really put her mind to it. Almost irritating, slightly annoying, bordered something a kin to amusing give or take for a few seconds. Rarely. However he didn't care for the most part. That was mainly the reason that for awhile he didn't stop her.

His chest was bound tightly with white gauze. A large gash on his one shoulder. The one he kept the jinbei from falling to expose. There were bruises along a few area's and small cuts and scratches. He wasn't an outright mess but it was evident he'd been in a situation quite above him.

He paused for a moment before fingering his pantline, "Karin, are you going to be staying there?"
12th-Jan-2008 02:59 am (UTC)
She was peering around the corner, watching him with that same smirk, long fingers against the wall and breathing barely heard. Eyes wandered, staring at the bandages that wrapped around him and she wondered where the wounds that it covered came from, but no, she kept her mouth shut. She could see the smaller wounds and that made her lips twist into a worried frown. Perhaps he should let her treat him -- oh, how she'd like that. Just to take care of him and fix him up, and she was letting her mind wander on nonexistant things.

Cheeks flushed even darker at the would-be-next removal of clothing but then he was calling her out and she mentally stormed, wanting so much to stomp her foot in frustration and slam her head against the wall for getting caught. She was getting rusty then -- funny how she was putting herself down for such awful skills in stalking. She was strange.

"...." There was no response at first as Karin turned, back against the wall now so she was looking away and could not see him at all.

"I'm just waiting for you." She grumbled, scowling irritably with her arms crossed against her chest.
12th-Jan-2008 03:25 am (UTC)
A brow rose. Waiting for him. Well, it wasn't entirely a lie now was it? He couldn't accuse her of bad retortism. Sasuke rolled his head up for a moment as he rubbed that gash. A stupid move causing a stupid and meaningless injury. A scar upon his body that meant nothing of any great importance but stupidity. Wounds like these never came to him anymore. Those lessons had been learned years ago. The rest of those scars upon his flesh both faded and few were at least meaningful. Through hard work and training. Miscalculation. Arrogance. The arrogance was fine if he used it well but just that voice and the promise of that face...

Pale lips parted with a soft sigh. Perfectionism could kill a person. He'd hate himself forever over something so meaningless. He would too. He really would. Than again when it came to the time that mattered everything he normally thought would disappear into one thought. His fingers dropped from the shoulder. So in the end it was meaningless. Another battle wound. A hard lesson. Such was life.

He debated for a small while weather he would or would not be coming back to train and after doing so placed the uniform in the hamper to be washed upon his return. Now dressed in simple black the pale smooth featured face tipped out from the crack of the door to meet red again. An abundance of red, fidgiting red. Sasuke could have said a million things to her reply but he spoke nothing.

The Uchiha's fingers tipped the door closed as the male exited and without much regard for the one reddened against the wall he walked through the Dojo floor again. Coals peaked at the clock. 7PM. It shouldn't take that long to eat. Short bows before and after passing through the alcove he slipped on a pair of shoes and pulled over his warm cloak like coat.

"Lets go than."
12th-Jan-2008 04:04 am (UTC)
Gaze glanced upwards as the door opened fully, taking in his new appearance and then she straightened, hands in her jacket's pockets. He wasn't waiting for her, but this was expected because he never did. She sighed quietly under her breath and then hurried him, footsteps the only thing echoing against the tiled floor for she was not one for custom -- she did not take her shoes off before entering which was an awful thing to do.

However, she did bow as he did upon passing the archway; she was at least willing to do this.

"Where do you think we should eat?" Karin asked casually as she trailed alongside of him, fiddling with the button of her jacket inattentively, frowning a little. She could call this a date and squeal with excitement -- but it wasn't and never would be. In fact, this would probably just be a quick meal and then he would leave for the dojo again. Leave and she would be alone, oh how this was such a depressing thought!

But again, what was she to say? How awkward and uncomfortable things would be, more so than it was already. She didn't want this, she was lucky to get to eat with him, this much. Karin should be grateful but she was angry and sad, and just so overwhelmed that it was upsetting. But she kept that cool expression on, just watching Sasuke with crimson orbs.
12th-Jan-2008 04:22 am (UTC)
He didn't expect her to even bow, honestly. Coals watched from behind black tresses for a moment before he forwarded out into the cold wind. There was a storm coming. It was the first thing which struck right through him as lightening would. He looked up at the dark sky stepping down the few stairs. It would be a matter of minutes before rain would start pouring. Lightening would strike minutes after he was certain. He could see it and feel it.

"Closest possible," he commented when she reached his side, "that place a right over there is good."

She was fidgiting again. He didn't need to look at her to notice. He could hear nervous twitches, shifts of her feet. It wasn't like her to fidgit so much, did she know something? He said nothing for the moment, said nothing at all as they walked barely a minute away. An awkward walk at that. The small cafe relatively vacent. Still fidgiting. Still nothing said while he was certain she'd end up busting a button off her shirt and loose her top to anxiety.

It wasn't until they took a seat in the back booth away from the rest of the very small and sparse crowd he spoke, "What is it?"
12th-Jan-2008 04:34 am (UTC)
Closest possible?


Again, another quiet sigh that she was barely heard and she followed him, both hands now playing with the button. Thumb ran across the designs decorating the small object and her gaze was moving around, posture holding up that normal confidence though she felt so nervous, so hesitant, and she wasn't sure why. Oh wait, nevermind. It was because she was a dirty whore.

That's right.

But in honest truth, she really didn't care anymore, and she stepped into the cafe after Sasuke, pleased that it was remotely deserted because she really didn't want to deal with anyone else at the moment, or else she'd snap and end up punching them in the face.

My, wouldn't that be fun?

Taking a seat, Karin rested her head on her hand, staring at him and ignoring what few others were there. "Mm... Nothing, I just missed you. I wanted to come see you, is that bad?" She cast him a affectionate smile with traces of the same flirtatiousness that she always used around him.

"I was worried, is all."
12th-Jan-2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
Sasuke paused, brows etched just slightly with a resemblent expression close to 'what the fuck'. Vague, but you could see it. Her entire composition and mood changed again. He really should stop being shocked by this imbalence. Really, he wasn't. Irritated maybe? It somewhat made him want to slap his head on the table. Actually, her head would be more precise but strangely (very strangely) he had more moral than that. Somewhat.

Nevertheless he brushed it off. Karin being Karin. He shifted just a touch when the waitress came asking about their drinks. A soft blink came with his small pause before ordering a simple tea.

When the waitress was gone his eyes returned to Karin. What the hell was she trying to pull now? "No," and folded his coals down to the table top, "Its not."
12th-Jan-2008 09:46 pm (UTC)
A waitress wandered her way over to them and Karin shot her an irritable gaze, ordering only water before turning back to Sasuke, shifting her position and lacing her fingers over her knee. There was a frown and then she was casting him a curious gaze, red locks draping over her eyes.

"You were really away at tournaments?" She asked innocently, casually even.

She honestly didn't believe it, but hell, it wasn't any of her business. The least she could do was at least talk to him like a real person for a little bit, even if he might not even give her a real answer. Whatever.

"How was it?"
12th-Jan-2008 10:59 pm (UTC)
It wasn't long they were served their drinks. He hadn't even looked at the menu funny enough. He didn't have the bother too right yet so told her they would be a couple more minutes. Really, he was exhausted. It showed a touch through diligent fingers that came up to stroke his hairline in a way they would when he was, as he had been a few times in the times they'd worked together, exhausted or aggrivated and exhausted. Either way his patience thinned. not on the edge of her, but just in general.

"I was," he spoke as his fingers dropped to pull the cup of tea over. It wasn't exactly volentarily. There was a pause as he took a drink and leaned back a little. Arms crossed his chest tipping his head to the side a little, "That man you told me about, Deidara. I've followed him around once or twice. About a week ago it led me to an area in the next town over. An underground tournament in its paliminary rounds." He paused.

It was small, and held in a lage teahouse. He couldn't help but wonder what the hell an Akatsuki member would be doing there. Someone they wanted to throw under? Who knew. It seemed strange.

"I found it of interest." A lie, he was recognized actually. They found him of interest and he was thrown in. It wasn't all entirely a bad thing. He could feel his brother was there. He could smell him, almost taste him. If that was what it took. So be it.
12th-Jan-2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
Karin watched him carefully, fingers reaching out to grasp her glass of water and tracing around the edge of the cup, almost boredly. So he really was away, but this wasn't what she expected. An underground tournament? Those were insane -- everyone who participated were a bunch of maniacs, desperate for blood or money. She frowned again, pushing up her glasses along the bridge of her nose. And she was also wondering the same question Sasuke was -- why would an Akatsuki member be there?

From what she saw of Deidara, it might've been purely for the hell of it.

"What happened there?" Did he win? If he did, he got severely hurt in the process. She could see his exhaustion, though it was so subtle, but it was not something to point out.

"You could've asked me, I would've gone with you." Karin added, taking a sip of her water finally. But he wouldn't, and he didn't. Besides, this was just to find Itachi, just to become closer to him. She needn't get her hopes too high, it was pointless. Still, Karin smiled a little again, red gaze unwavering.
13th-Jan-2008 02:45 am (UTC)
"I saw him," he paused, "almost."

Deidara, from what he saw, was insane. Strange fighting. Nothing exceptionally special when under the scrutiny of Sasuke that was. Why he got the beating he did was, brilliantly, a good number of underground reps aware of his name decided to take him on. At the same time. That was over a hundred of wreckless blood thirsty psychopaths.

He stared for a long time after she finished speaking. Why would he do that? Ask her to come. Fingers slipped around the cup again as he sipped casually. The other question is why would he need to. She had all the capability of stalking him she would ever need to easily follow him into the area easily. Sense when did she need an invitation? Finally after a few moments his eyes moved downwards from her reds and he placed the cup back on the table.

He'd try to think of something to say, but really couldn't. It than hit him and he almost pushed up a bit of a smirk.

"Why don't you join?"

They were insane; absolutely brutal. No rules. Someone died than tough shit. You could do anything. Five lawless minutes and often the last minutes of ones life.
13th-Jan-2008 09:37 pm (UTC)

Karin took another drink, twisting the cup around and around in her hands. But since when was almost good enough? Still, it was only the preliminaries so there was plenty of time to come. Not like she cared, though.

A frown immediately took place on her lips at his offer and red eyes narrowed.

How funny.

He thought she should join. And she would too, if she thought it was worth the effort. But indeed, they were ruthless. She knew she could hold her own but these people were obsessed, willing to do anything to win. The weak were killed and she sighed, bringing her gaze up to stare at him again and shrugged.

"Why not?"
13th-Jan-2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
Exactly. Almost wasn't enough. Why would someone like Itachi be there in a place like that? Why would the Akatsuki be there in a place like that of all places to be? Expanding their business? It was like he was watching though, it was like he was expecting the younger to come. Come he did as predicted and fight he would as probably expected.

His head tipped to the frown that flitted her lips but the subtle smile stayed on his lips. He didn't want to see her get killed but he knew she was just as insane as they were. He knew she could get damaged heavily but he knew she could do her fair amount of damage too. It would be interesting. To see her fight with no rules like there was in the Martial Arts club where dicipline worked against her. There nothing mattered. Nothing at all.

"Good," he responded, finally looking at the menu. Curry rice sounded good. He'd order that.
13th-Jan-2008 10:45 pm (UTC)
She was a little surprised that he was willing to let her go along with this, but not by much. In fact, she really shouldn't be, but she was. Huh. SHe knew she could take care of herself, fight and take them all down if necessary, if she was determined enough to. But they were all strong, and if Akatsuki members were there... Karin mentally sighed. This was ridiculous. Frustrating. But anything for him, and besides, it would at least be a little fun, right?

She watched him for a moment before speaking up again. "You're participating too then, right?" She asked, only glancing down at her menu for a moment but not picking anything. Later.

And she didn't care if he already said this, she wanted to get the answer established. Hell, she'd feel a lot less uncomfortable if he was there too. But she'd be concerned for him the entire time, worried of what would happen. But he could take care of himself. Nonsense, all of it.
13th-Jan-2008 11:41 pm (UTC)
Sure it would be fun. Insane blood thirsty convicts and killers and trained assassins out for the blood as well as the money. People being rushed to the hospital and/or pronouced dead left right and center. No mercy. No rules. Just you and the floor. Sasuke looked terribly at peace with this all. He rose a brow looking up from the menu for a second. She was nervous.

"What do you think?" A cocky smirk - he paused when the waitress came back and ordered his curry rice than turned back to Karin.
16th-Jan-2008 01:56 am (UTC)
She wasn't nervous per say.

Just hesitant.

Which was absolutely no different.

Karin shrugged before flashing him a smile of her own, pushing up her glasses. She loved that confident smile of his -- absolutely gorgeous. Cheeks reddened a little but she kept her cool, speaking quietly but with that same self-satisfied grin. "I'm sure you'll win." She crooned, eying the waitress that returned and waiting for her to leave before speaking again. "It shouldn't be that hard for you." She didn't expect much to happen for her though -- she knew she wouldn't get far if she didn't have any motivation to do so. But at least she'd be able to help Sasuke out , and if anything, vent some of her frustrations.

But really, that was about it.
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