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15th-Feb-2008 03:25 pm(no subject)
Who: Kururu Sumeragi [pledge_queen], Lacus Clyne [lc_songstress], Ichigo Kurosaki [shinigami_rep], [closed]
Where: Candy stores
When: 13/02/2007, 3:42 P.M. , [Backdated]
What: Valentines Chocolate shopping
Rating: PG

7th-Feb-2008 10:26 pm - Christmas Shopping
Who: Fai D. Flowright [magical_flowers], Lacus Clyne [lc_songstress] [closed/backdated]
Where: Walking about
When: [1:30PM. 12/17/07]
What: Shopping!
Rating: G (for now)

The cold air was quite refreshing...Collapse )
27th-Jan-2008 09:31 am - [thread] - here we stand
you and me and the devil makes three
Who: Heine Rammsteiner [bulletdog], Beyond Birthday [imitates] [closed]
Where: Some Motel in town
When: [27/01/2008] [4:39 PM]
What: Heine and Beyond get together?
Rating: Dunno!

where we fallCollapse )
26th-Jan-2008 06:48 pm(no subject)
Pissed [Tenth]
Who: Tsuna Sawada [vongola_x], [open]
Where: Somewhere downtown.
When: [26/01/2008], 7:00 PM
What: The Mafia made contact?
Rating: PG-13 for profanity?

13th-Jan-2008 07:51 pm - [thread] I have a confession or two
you and me and the devil makes three
Who: Heine Rammsteiner [bulletdog], Mello [vicious_solace], Bishop [bishop_n_queens] [closed]
Where: The church
When: [13/01/2008] [9:43 PM]
What: Heine meets Mello and stuff happens as usual .
Rating: Probably R

or five or eightyCollapse )
11th-Jan-2008 05:43 pm - [thread] Its been awhile
u c h i h a
Who: Uchiha Sasuke [talonsofahawk], Karin [quincefragrance] [open]
Where: Dojo in town.
When: [11/02/08] [6:34PM]
What: Sasuke is training and Karin was watching?
Rating: PG for now.

its kind of nice to see you.Collapse )
3rd-Jan-2008 03:57 am - [Thread] So I saved you.
hey pretty...
Who: Beyond Birthday [imitates], Mikami Teru [dr_mikami] [closed]
Where: A recovery room at White Ridge Hospital.
When: [03/01/2008] [3:58 PM]
What: B and his doctor meet again under slightly more favorable circumstances.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing?

But it don't mean we're buddies or anything, right?Collapse )
24th-Dec-2007 12:35 am - Thread: Little people [Backdated]
Who: Makimachi Misao [playful_weasel] Echizen Ryoma [ryoma_karupin] [open]
Where: Small restaurant
When: [9/12/2007] [Time. Like 4:13PM]
What: After having lost
a match to Ryoma, Misao has to buy the boy some food. XD
Rating: G (What do you expect from these two?)

14th-Dec-2007 01:49 am - [Thread] doomed from the start
Who: Dr. Teru Mikami [dr_mikami], Mello [vicious_solace] [Closed]
Where: White Ridge Hospital, Mikami's office
When: [14/12/2007] [5:00 PM]
What: Mello finally comes to a therapy session, and is not exactly pleased with the good doctor Mikami.
Rating: R

that boy needs therapyCollapse )
12th-Dec-2007 10:05 pm - Procrastinating stroll...
Sigh, Careless Moment, Daydreaming
Who: Rhode Camelot [lolita4ever], Shiba Reiichirou [boundpapillon], Arietta the Wild [lacerise] // [open]
Where: Wherever, no one knows...
When: [12/12/2007] [1:00PM]
What: Bordom makes people head to town
Rating: PG-13 (geez, Shiba!)

It wasn't long now before she'd be heading home...Collapse )
9th-Dec-2007 10:57 pm(no subject)
Who: Kururu Sumeragi [pledge_queen], Ichigo Kurosaki [shinigami_rep], Inoue Orihime [shunshun_rikka][closed]
Where: Somewhere in town
When: [08/11/2007] [12:40PM]
What: A walk around town
Rating: G

Who: Aeris Gainsborough [ lastancient   ], Lacus Clyne [ lc_songstress   ], Fai D. Flowright [ magical_flowers  ] [open]
Where: White Ridge Flowershop
When: [12/05/2007] [05:30PM]
What: Visit Aeris...
Rating: G

29th-Nov-2007 07:09 pm - [thread] An outing...
Who: Michael [twin_of_flame], Randy Maclean [randyryomaclean] [open]
Where: Starting outside Jacks Hunting Gear
When: [29/11/2007] [6:40PM]
What: Other than Ryo and Michael meeting, I'm not sure
Rating: PG-13, in case of language

... in good humorCollapse )
29th-Nov-2007 05:19 pm - [thread] Supposedly Training
Who: Li Syaoran [teh_descendant ][OPEN]
Where: Near the Martial Arts store
When: [29.November.2007] [6.00 AM]
What: Morning stroll...
Rating: PG shall be the highest 

29th-Nov-2007 06:54 am - X meeting...
Who: Tsuna Sawada [vongola_x], Inoue Orihime [shunshun_rikka ], Ichigo Kurosaki [shinigami_rep] [closed]
Where: Somewhere in front of the school
When: [7.45 PM 24.11.2007]
What: Orihime meets Vongola X
Rating: PG-13 fer possible violence

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